It can easily be said that the city of Durban, South Africa has been home to some of the country’s leading bands and songwriters. It is here, in the dusty suburb of Wentworth, that Riaan first started his musical journey at the age of 8. His mother enrolled him in Classical Piano lessons which led him to joining a local bands in the area and the journey has never stopped.

Having honed his skills as a songwriter, producer and session musician since the mid-90’s, he has finally taken the plunge into performing his own music. The songs are driven by the various and winding turns his life has taken him. From as far afield as the Danakil Desert in Northern Ethiopia, to Cape Town, Johannesburg, various small towns like Knysna and Mosselbay, or even as far as the historical village called Kaapsehoop in South Africa, every personal experience, friendship and emotion has led to the culmination of a group of songs destined for his next EP. These songs are deeply personal and seem to resonate with listeners who enjoy Indie-Folk/Singer-Songwriters.

“Much of my upcoming EP was written in a desert while watching a group of Afari kids kick a ball around in the dust. While I missed my loved ones and my country, I couldn’t help but be inspired by the happiness I’d seen from people who have less than what we do” said Riaan of his soon-to-be-released album.

“Husband, Father, Worshipper & Songwriter would most aptly describe who I am” – Riaan Pretorius